How Spring 3.1 Environments & Profiles will make your life better!

Nice article about advantages of using Spring Profiles to keep one single app package to distribute in your different environments.


My goal of writing one technical blog post per week fell to the wayside around December mainly due to work related project time constraints. I have a four-day weekend and a sparkling new home office, which has to be used for something other than surfing hacker news. Its noon here and I have two hours to produce this blog post so here I go!

The software I write or design generally needs to be deployed in different configurations. These deployment configuration end points can be generalised into the following buckets

  1. Java Enterprise Containers (jboss, weblogic, tomcat, glassfish, etc)
  2. Standalone Java application
  3. GUI Applications
  4. Testing Frameworks

Ignoring GUI Applications for the moment (I might return to these later) the code is often the same between container, standalone and testing. This leads to a key design consideration or philosophy when designing and coding this “type” of software. The code I write needs…

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