This is what happened when we posted Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk

As TED’s social media editor, I have seen a lot of nasty comments. I’ve seen grown men and women deride a 14-year-old girl for her choice of dress. I’ve seen them say they’re revolted by a beautiful transgender woman. On every talk about race, I’ve seen a slew of racist comments. But none have ever been as bad as the comments we got when we published Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk, The Price of Shame. At least at first.

When Monica spoke at TED2015, held in March in Vancouver, the audience in the room received her with warmth and generosity of spirit. Many who’d had reservations were swayed by her talk. We saw this kind, vulnerable, strong woman who wanted to be heard — a woman who knew what was at stake for the victims of public shaming and who deeply hoped to get her message right. For someone scarred…

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Taller de Git online (experimento gratuito)

Ya empezó, pero creo que puede ser muy útil a muchas personas. Si les parece interesante, compartan por favor.

Blog de NicoPaez

Desde hace ya un par de años vengo incursionando en la educación online pero siempre en calidad de estudiante. Si bien en las materias que dicto suelo hacer uso de varios recursos online, el dictado formal sigue siendo presencial. La idea de hacer algo online me viene picando desde hace tiempo y esta semana finalmente decidí hacer mi primer experimento.

La temática será Git, una herramienta con la que vengo trabajando desde 2009 y aunque inicialmente no me gustó, desde 2011 la adopté como mi controlador de versiones preferido. Desde ese momento he realizado diversas actividades de difusión: cursos, charlas, artículos, etc. Ahora ha llegado el momento de tomar todos los materiales generados en estos años para darle forma a un curso online.

La idea es generar un conjunto de videos cortos (de entre 5 y 10 minutos) y complementarlos con ejercicios y lecturas además de ofrecer algunas sesiones online para consultas(posiblemente via Hangout…

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10 places where anyone can learn to code

TED Blog

blog_learn_to_code_art_revTeens, tweens and kids are often referred to as “digital natives.” Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. But Mitch Resnick, who spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet in November, is skeptical of this descriptor. Sure, young people can text and chat and play games, he says, “but that doesn’t really make you fluent.”

[ted_talkteaser id=1657]Fluency, Resnick proposes in today’s talk, comes not through interacting with new technologies, but through creating them. The former is like reading, while the latter is like writing. He means this figuratively — that creating new technologies, like writing a book, requires creative expression — but also literally: to make new computer programs, you actually must write the code.

The point isn’t to create a generation of programmers, Resnick argues. Rather, it’s that coding is a gateway to broader learning.“When you learn to read, you…

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Trying to land in Tokyo

Edgardo Savoy


Last Tuesday David Moyes got sacked from Manchester United after 10 months in charge of the team; it was on every newspaper in the UK and Ireland. After reading a few articles from different publications I found an interesting common denominator. Most authors criticised not only the poor results, but also the language he used. According to most newspapers, the way he expressed things was a sign of his weakness as a leader. Phrases like “we’re going to try our best” were perceived as a sign that the job was too big for him. It turned out to be true.

Leaders need what I call “binary language”. What this means, in essence, is removing any ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt from their words. Things have to be on or off. Black or white, not grey.

That’s because a leader’s job is to define vision. And a vision needs to be clear…

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Tomcat 6+: Infamous “SEVERE: Error listenerStart” message – How-To debug this error?

So with Tomcat +6.0 a is used to manage the log files.
Good to know! Thanks Venkatt for the data, it helped me find the issue.


I’m sure if you have been developing with Java and Tomcat for sometime, you are likely to run into the infamous debug error.

SEVERE: Error listenerStart

You will most likely start Googling it trying to find out what the heck is going on. And in trying to see the extended logging on what that “listenerStart” error means. After some lucky searches, you will see links asking you to drop a “” file under ‘/WEB-INF/classes’ directory inside your WAR to help debug which one of the listeners is throwing this crazy error.

Well, this advise will most likely work for you if you are developing under an earlier version of Tomcat. If you are using versions 6.0 or above then continue to read on…

In Tomcat 6 or above, the default logger is the”java.util.logging” logger and not Log4J. So if you are trying to add a “” file – this will…

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WinSCP for Linux? Konqueror to the rescue!

WinSCP is an awesome desktop application that let’s you manage your files over SFTP using SSH with a nice UI, instead of just using the console to run the commands. I like the console and I’m used to ssh the remote hosts to work there but, sometimes, I wonder if there were a UI to work with (old habits).

The thing with this app is that it runs (AFAIK) only on Windows, so whenever I have to work with files on remote hosts (I use Linux most of the time) I have to admit that I miss that UI and how easy it is to transfer files between hosts.

Since I have to start dealing with data in remote hosts more frequently now, I started searching for an alternative on Linux, and to my surprise, Konqueror already offers this feature, and don’t even need to install new software.

As Belisarius posted on the WinSCP forum a few years ago, if you use KDE:

In Konqueror where current directory is listed type:

Awesome! Did you know this? Do you know if there is something similar in Gnome?

Hablemos de cosas interesantes, hablemos sobre PopCorn Time.

Si… este artículo es una excelente descripción de cómo algunos vislumbramos el futuro próximo… 🙂

Ihara Dutra

No se trata de Campanella. Tampoco sobre el cine -que es una excusa más para sacar a relucir el tema- la discusión es otra. Estamos hablando de la libre información, de la mejora de las aplicaciones tecnológicas en su interfaz completa, que permite la comprensión suficiente para distribuir contenido a través del mundo con unos solos pocos cliks.

Discutir sobre los derechos de autor ahora es distraernos con cuántas monedas más o menos puede proveerse una industria atrasada en el tiempo. Me parece innecesario mencionar los estudios y casos que demuestran como la piratería contribuye directamente con el artista y la industria, a tal punto de considerarla prácticamente legal

Pero no voy a entrar ahí, porque la conversación que quiero tener es otra. Quiero que pensemos en qué fácil es crear algo que puede ayudarnos a mejorar la experiencia cotidiana. Me gustaría que todos puedan observar que…

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